Shown below are some of the hides and their available colors that Al Ange currently imports for use in his leather products.

- Elephant, available in Black, Nicotine (dark brown), Vintage Peanut, and a new Vintage Bark (reddish brown)
- Shrunken Bull, available in Aztec (tan), Brown, and Black
- Caiman, available in Reddish Brown, Dark Brown, and Medium Brown
- Stingray, available in Black and a wide assortment of dyed colors (contact Al for current inventory)
- Nile Crocodile, available in a wide assortment of colors (contact Al for current inventory)

Caiman in Black

Caiman in Brown

Caiman in Dark Brown

Elephant in Black

Elephant Hide Nicotine 2

Elephant in Nicotine (dark brown)

Elephant Hide Vintage Peanut 2

Elephant in Vintage Peanut

A new hide offering, Elephant in Vintage Bark (reddish brown)

Nile Crocodile in Brown

Shrunken Bull Hide Aztec 1

Shrunken Bull in Aztec (tan)

Shrunken Bull Hide Black 1

Shrunken Bull in Black

Shrunken Bull in Brown

Caiman Hide Dark Brown 1

Caiman in Dark Brown

Caiman Hide Medium Brown 1

Caiman in Medium Brown

Caiman Hide Reddish Brown 2

Caiman in Reddish Brown

Stingray Hide Black 1

Stingray in Black

Stingray in Golden Yellow

Stingray Hide Spiderman 1

Stingray in Red and White Spiderman

Zebra Print in Black and White

Zebra Print in Yellow and Brown


All of the animal hides used in Al Ange Leather products are obtained through brokerage firms who strictly follow all guidelines for the legal sale and trade of animal hides and skins.  Each hide comes with its own serial number for tracking the country of origin and the date the animal hide was harvested.

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